10 Games like 2048 that are Mind-Boggling


Looking for other Puzzle games like 2048? I’ve played a lot of mind-boggling, thought-provoking and time-gobbling games in my time, but have never come across one like 2048!

The rules are simple: slide similar tiles together to form a higher number tile. You also have to make sure you join the same kind of tile together, so if you had two 2 tiles on the board, you’ll have to slide another 2 tiles onto it.

It’s really relaxing to play and can eat away hours at a time.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to 2048 because it’s too much of a good thing, then check these other little gems out!

Games like 2048

Do you like 2048? If yes, do you want to play more games like it? If not, why haven’t you played 2048 yet?


Let’s start with a game that retains the essence of 2048 by adding a new twist. Dotsup is a puzzler which would make you think out of the box. It doesn’t follow the traditional 4×4 box layout and presents you with unique layouts and a set target to achieve. Instead of numbers, you get boxes with dots which can be merged to form a tile of the sum of the previous tiles. Your aim is to achieve the goal in the least amount of time. If you love challenging yourself in 2048, you will love it even more in Dotsup.

Shoot n Merge

Increase your skill and score high before you run out of space! A classic bubble shooter merged with 2048 and shooting numbers at a lowering grid. You shoot tiles with numbers which stick to the grid on the top. If the adjacent tiles match in value then it merges and creates a tile of the greater value. Your aim is to create a tile 2048 before the grid lowers to the bottom. One interesting mechanic included in this game is that it merges tiles in two directions. If your tiles match it’ll merge all of them automatically giving you a significant advantage.

Age of 2048

Another take on 2048 that is highly popular. Age of 2048 is also similar to 2048 but with civilization elements like tribe, village, city etc. Your aim is to build a city and take civilization forward. Start with merging fires to create a tribal hut, merge those to make a tribe, then a village, and so on.

Dead 2048

The game is set on a farm with 16 tiles and a gateway to the entry point of Zombies. You have to swipe and merge the defence towers to create a barrier to hold the zombies on the other side. You’d have to use the resources carefully so that you don’t overcrowd the tower with redundant tiles. There would be times when a Zombie infestation would attack the towers and you can kill by dropping a tower on it. So what are you waiting for? Go build that damn tower.

Impossible Nine

Impossible Nine is a great take on the 2048 puzzle game. The rules are similar, in that you collect tiles to get to the next number, but drastically different in that one can only move individual tiles rather than merging like in 2048. The impossible nines game arena is larger too, making it hard to create matching tiles and strategic planning keys for more points.

Kitty Cat Island

In this game, you play the classic 2048 and help the cats catch fish. Every time you merge a tile below the Cats get a fish to eat. Your goal is to reach the maximum number of fish caught. It has a few additional features which make it better than most 2048 clones out there. For example, You can use the net to clear out any useless tiles, use the fishing rod to eliminate a stuck tile, and an inversion tool to switch the tile with an adjacent tile. These tools would help you achieve your target quickly if you ever had trouble reaching 2048 before.

2048 Hexagon

Do you like 2048? So are you going to try 2048 Hexagon? This is the same core mechanics with a graphic redesign. Instead of a square Grid, it is played on a hexagonal board. Instead of swiping on the board, you drag and drop the pair of tiles in a specific location. Of course, you will spend hours trying to make the high score.

2048 Bricks

2048 is a game where you merge similarly valued tiles in order to reach 2048. The game is similar to Tetris, where you have to free up space before the tiles reach the top. In this case, your tiles are squares instead of tetrominoes.

The game was created by Gabriele Cirulli in 2014 and has since become one of the most popular mobile games ever made. It’s been ported to nearly every modern platform, including web browsers and even Nintendo Switch.

The game has been praised for its simplicity and addictive gameplay but also criticized for being too simple.

Hecix 2048

If you are a fan of 2048, then you have to try this game out. It is a clone of the ever-popular classic game and it is played on a hexagonal board. All the controls and mechanics are the same as in the original 2048 game, where you swipe tiles and combine them to get higher numbers. This game is great for honing your skills in 2048 in case you are not sure about how to play it or if your skills are not strong enough yet.

2048 Chromecast

So you’ve been trying to get 2048 for days and it’s just not happening. You’ve tried every trick in the book, but you’re still stuck at 1024. And you know what? That’s okay!

You know what isn’t okay? Sticking your phone in the microwave and then breaking it on the floor because you’re so frustrated that you can’t get past that one level.

So here are some tips for when you feel like getting over yourself and playing 2048:

  1. Cast it to your Chromecast or any other streaming device that you might have lying around (we recommend an old TV). This will allow you to play using your big screen instead of just staring at a tiny screen all day.
  2. Make sure your phone is charged so that it doesn’t die while playing 2048 with your Chromecast—especially if there’s no power outlet nearby!
  3. If all else fails, just put down the phone and go do something else! The world is full of things other than 2048; try them out today!
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