10 Games like Overwatch


Overwatch has captivated gamers around the world, and it’s hard not to be drawn in by its addictive gameplay.

It involves intense action rather than long, drawn-out storylines, so it’s easy to get into when you want to play something fast-paced.

If you want to find an alternative game like Overwatch, look no further than these ten games with similar gameplay to this epic FPS game.

Games like Overwatch

1. Evil Genius 2

This game takes place in a strange alternate universe where the world has gone mad thanks to mad scientists and their evil plans. The main character of this game is Bernard, who is in charge of a secret island camp called Camp Chitat that looks after thirteen genetically modified super-soldiers. Bernard dies at the start with his friends, but one of them, Gordon, begins to create his army of super-soldiers from the genetic material found on the island. Graphics are similar to Overwatch.

2. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

This game is the third installment in the Borderlands series, and it takes place between the events of Borderlands and Borderlands 2. This game is known for its intense action as well as its exciting storyline and weapons that are both powerful and fun to use. It also contains role-playing elements, which add to the replay value of this FPS RPG game that includes elements of all genres. The graphics are like Overwatch’s.

3. Killing Floor 2

The next game is a sequel to Killing Floor, which takes place in the same universe but is set far in the future. This game features intense gameplay and blood-splattering action that promises to be fun for FPS games fans. In addition, the game features horror and survival themes, giving it an extra edge that will keep you on your toes as you attempt to survive against your enemies. It’s available on PC, Mac OSX, Linux, and PlayStation 4. A little scarier than Overwatch, but still a great game.

4. Left 4 Dead

This game was one of the first to successfully combine action and strategy. The game is flash-based, so you can easily play it on your computer and other devices. This game involves two teams of survivors who must work together to try and survive against the zombie horde. The team’s goal is to get across a location and find a safe passage into an office building where they can rest until sunrise. A little different than Overwatch.

5. Killing Floor

This game is a part of the popular Killing Floor series, which has been described as a “first-person shooter with zombies.” The game started with the player being thrown into a room and told they must survive until they can escape. Once you have battled your way out of the space, you are thrown into an arena where enemies are coming to try and kill you. The only way to survive is by killing enemies. It’s available for PC, Mac OSX, Linux, and PlayStation 4.

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Counter-Strike, which was hugely popular in the first decade of this century. There are two teams–Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. The difference between this and most games is that this time there are weapons available that can help in battles, such as grenades and Molotov cocktails. It’s similar to Overwatch but more realistic.

7. Call of Duty: Black Ops

This game takes place between the events of World War II and Vietnam. The game takes place in a fictional setting and centres around two armies: those led by Nathaniel Richards and his son, Alex, whose intentions are to liberate the world from their troops. The story progresses year by year, moving from 1960 to 1968. The gameplay is similar to most games in this franchise, and both single-player and multiplayer modes are available. A great FPS if you like Overwatch.

8. Portal

This game is a first-person puzzle game that depicts the setting of an Aperture Science laboratory. A lab is dangerous as there are multiple death traps and enemies along the way. The game’s goal is to make it through these puzzles safely and with all your limbs intact! This game is the first installment in what was meant to be a trilogy, but its sales were so good they decided to end it after one installment. Graphics are similar to Overwatch, but it’s not a shooter.

9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This is the fifth installment in the Call of Duty franchise, and it takes place in the same fictional universe as previous games. This game revolves around Captain John “Soap” MacTavish, who has been sent in to fight against Makarov and his terrorist organization, trying to create a massive war between Russia and US. Again, the gameplay is similar to previous versions, focusing more on storytelling and action sequences.

10. Oil Rush

This game is a strategy game for PC and Mac. You are the leader of a military operation in the far future, where you must conquer islands containing oil wells. You have to control your land and take over enemy territory, but be careful as every move you make could have dire consequences on the outcome of this war. This game is highly addictive, and it’s easy to spend hours playing because of how fast-paced it is.

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