10+ Games like Among Us

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Among Us is one of the most popular social deduction games you can play today, as the challenge of figuring out who is a crewmate and who is an imposter is addictive and fun.

But it isn’t the only survival game of its kind out there, as there are many games like Among Us available for you to play today. Here’s a look at ten games similar to Among Us you can play now.

Games like Among Us


Start by checking out Project Winter, a game where up to eight players are stranded in a cold cabin. Some players will work to find food and eventually signal for help, but some are traitors who will try to kill the others. The game requires teamwork for the players trying to get out, but there’s a need to track everyone as well as possible to identify possibly traitors. The traitors must also do what they can to avoid being visible. Very similar to Among Us.

2. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is an extremely popular social deduction game where up to fifteen players are given one of dozens of roles. Some people are affiliated with the town of Salem, while others are in the mafia. The townsfolk and mafia members will try to kill each other, but various players will have neutral roles that might interfere with what the townsfolk and mafia are doing. Much like Among Us.


Werewolves Within takes place in a medieval setting and entails the people of a town being attacked by a werewolf. The players in each game have to guess who the werewolf is. The goal is to correctly identify the werewolf, while the wolf will need to keep from being visible while still taking out the other players. Draws a lot of elements from Among Us.


In Unfortunate Spacemen, up to sixteen spacemen in a game are working to be rescued from a damaged station. The spacemen will have to complete tasks and hunt down a monster to survive. The monster can mimic and kill spacemen, plus traitors on the station can aid the creature. Again, this game is very similar to Among Us.


A game of Deceit includes six players, with two of those people being infected with a virus. Players will have to escape a dungeon, but the infected will be looking for blood during the day. The uninfected players will have to clear out the infected ones, but the infected players will attempt to fight back. The infected ones will also need to find ways to keep from being suspicious during the day, so they’ll need to help with some tasks. Popular, and very similar to Among Us.


In Silence involves up to six players working together as survivors in a forest who need to escape from a monster or fight back. One player will compete as the monster, a nearly-blind creature that senses others through sound. The survivors will need to communicate well with each other, as they can either stay quiet to escape or create noisy distractions to lure the monster away.


Barotrauma takes place on a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. The players are trying to complete an exploration mission while surviving. The game gives the option to allow someone to be a traitor, with some games not having a traitor at all. The players will have to figure out if the game actually has a traitor or if there is none.


The creators of Hello Neighbor made Secret Neighbor as a social deduction-based spinoff. In Secret Neighbor, six players will look around a house to rescue someone, but one of the players is the neighbor in disguise.


Stowaway takes place on a pirate ship and includes ten players in a game divided between two teams. There are sailors trying to make it to land, and there are stowaways who need to kill the sailors before getting there.


The last of the games like Among Us to explore is Dread Hunger, a game where eight explorers travel through the Arctic Ocean, but two of the explorers are traitors using dark magic to stop the others. While the explorers need to stay warm and fight off various predators, the traitors need to find creative ways to kill the others without being caught.

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