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It’s more fun to play a game if you’re always getting fresh missions and maps. It becomes boring when the user receives the same maps or missions repeatedly. If the game isn’t updated regularly, you’ll have to look for alternatives that may provide access to new missions and maps.

We have included some of the best games like Among Us alternatives in this article for you to try. This list contains a few games that share some similarities with Among Us.

Games like Among Us

1. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is a popular game that is similar to Among Us. This game works on Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows platforms. So far, more than 8 million people have downloaded this strategic game. Unlike previous games, this one has a multiplayer mode with up to 15 people. You also have the freedom to choose among 33 characters in this game, unlike other games, which don’t give you the option to pick your character.

2. Deceit

Deceit is a fantastic game with a unique gameplay experience, yet it shares the same overarching idea as Among Us. To succeed in this game, you’ll need to search for and trust in the game’s innocent participants. In addition, the game features a first-person shooter mode and online multiplayer. This game does not support local multiplayer. In the game, you awaken in an asylum with five other players completely unknown to you. Two of the players have been afflicted with a terrible virus, and they are on a mission to eliminate the other players who are not sick. With the help of other players, you have a better chance of making it out of the game. This game is available for free on Steam.

3. is the next game on our list of the top games like Among Us. All platforms are supported, and there are no restrictions. It is possible to play the game on a PC, a mobile phone, and even your web browser. According to the developer’s statement, the game will be available for iOS devices soon. Like Among Us, you can play this with a group of friends. The game has the same principle as the other Among Us alternatives, but it is more difficult. You and your buddies can work together to complete the challenges.

4. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is one of the few Xbox 360 games like Among Us. Few games like Among Us for PS4 or Xbox exist, but this game is a great alternative. Six characters break into the Neighbor’s house in this game. The Neighbor will try to trap and move them away as the game goes.

The game’s tension and intrigue rise as the players begin to vanish. The next step is to identify the group member who is betraying the others. Playing this game feels a lot like playing Among Us.

5. Werewolf Online

In 2022, you can try Werewolf Online, another game similar to Among Us. You will see a variety of different gaming aspects in this game. To protect the village, you’ll need to gather resources. However, in the town, you’ll run into many liars, making it difficult to win. In the multiplayer mode, there is room for up to 16 people. The round is won by the last squad standing after eliminating all traitors and liars. The game supports Android and iOS devices.

6. Enemy On Board

Like Among Us, Enemy on Board is an online game where players compete against each other. A team of up to eight players can participate in the game; six will be selected to serve as crew members, while the other two will serve as alien imposters. To finish the round, the crew must discover and eliminate the imposters. The alien imposters readily blend in with the crew members, making it impossible for them to detect them. Finally, the game progresses to the point where communication between the crew members is severely limited. This makes it more difficult for the crew members to survive and recognize the imposters. Playability and theme make it an excellent choice for those seeking the best games like “Among Us.”

After reviewing the options above, I believe you have decided on the game you want to play next. These games like Among Us have similar elements and features. We hope you like our carefully picked list of games like Among Us and that you have a great time betraying and being betrayed with these games!

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