back 4 blood

The combination of team co-op and thrilling suspense in Back 4 Blood has gamers looking for similar games to play.

While Back 4 Blood is an amazing game, it did not get released for Nintendo Switch. Similarly, it is not available for a number of older consoles. Well, fortunately, there are a number of other games as well that are similar to Back 4 Blood.

Games like Back 4 Blood

1. Left 4 Dead

There is no doubt that the most similar games are the two Left 4 Dead games. These games are responsible for the development of Back 4 Blood in the first place. Actually, in the original two games, it is possible for players to engage in an online battle, co-op, or play solo.

The basic premise is that four survivors need to find their way to safety through levels that are infested by zombies. These battles take place in a number of iconic spaces including a southern manor, a hospital, and even an airport.

2. Evolve

Once the L4D games were developed by Turtle Rock, they turned their focus to a new franchise, Evolve. It was developed that incorporated different and new challenges.

Instead of having four players competing against different zombies, it is one zombie that is evolving consistently and gets stronger with the progression of the game. In fact, a number of character roles are also added to the game. It requires players to comprehend their role in the team dynamics.

3. The Last of Us

Now, for gamers who enjoyed the plot in Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us is surely worth their time. In the group, there is a group of players who must survive in the post-apocalyptic world against cannibalistic monsters. These monsters have been mutated by a fungus.

Even though the game has an online multiplayer mode, what makes it an incredible option is its emotional character development and its in-depth story. It is truly an amazing game that you can play and you will find yourself immersed in it.

4. Earthfall

Earthfall is basically a clone of Left 4 Dead. However, instead of fighting against zombies, players are required to battle aliens. Even though Earthfall is criticized for its lacklustre mechanics, it is renowned for its fun experience.

Although it might not be simple to play the game solo, it is an effective choice for gamers who are looking to team up with their friends. It means that you can enjoy this game with your friends and partners.

5. Doom Eternal

Doom is one of the best and most famous shooter games ever. Many gaming experts argue that Wolfenstein 3D can be thanked for developing an efficient modern action game. In the most recent release of Doom, the gamers of Doom Eternal can actually participate in the Battlemode.

There is no doubt that it is a great game for the fans and followers of Back 4 Blood. It even creates a two-sided multiplayer competition and it is quite famous for this option.

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