cities skylines

Cities Skylines has come to be known as a masterpiece within the genre of city-building games. Players are able to express their creativity and build the city of their dreams all while having fun with friends in multiplayer mode or solo. Not only is this game loved for its creative input but it’s also quite popular due to its simulated elements where all sorts of things can take place whether you’re looking at a residential, commercial or industrial area. While this game has taken the genre by storm over the years, there are several great alternatives if you’re looking for something fresh to try!

Games like Cities Skylines

1. Cities XXL

Cities XXL is widely celebrated among games like Cities Skylines allowing players the chance to get to build the city of their dreams. The game features a wide array of terrain on which you can construct a sustainable and efficient city. While this game allows for industrial, commercial, and residential development, it also features many other things such as transportation networks, public services, and even some policies to test on your journey.

2. Banished

Banished is a brutal strategy builder that is based in the Dark Ages where you’re tasked with building up your own civilization from scratch. You’ll have to manage resources such as food, wood, and iron, in order to keep your citizens nourished and healthy while not depleting your resources entirely. This game is brutal, challenging, and a true test for even the best city-building veteran.

3. Planetbase

Planetbase is another game like Cities Skylines that requires players to develop their civilization from scratch by building up colonies on planets of different types and sizes across the galaxy. This game features some interesting elements such as different types of colonists with different needs, skills, and personalities to manage. You’ll have to manage your colony while dealing with some factors such as increasing birth rate or low food supplies which can ultimately lead to the death of all your colonists providing a tough challenge each playthrough.

4. A-Train 9

A-Train 9 is a challenging game that requires players to build up their own transport company which they can then use as a platform to create an efficient city. This game allows for single-player and multiplayer modes with some features such as changing seasons, day/night cycles, disasters, weather effects, terrain deformation, terraforming, and more to keep you entertained for hours on end.

5. Train Fever

Train Fever is the ultimate game in the transport simulation genre featuring trains, planes, and other locomotives to help grow your own city. You’ll have access to various transportation networks which you can manage in order to create a sustainable business model for your company. While this game doesn’t allow for too much creativity like Cities Skylines, it does require players to efficiently manage their resources in order to create the best transportation network possible.

6. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort

Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort is an amazing game similar to Cities Skylines that allows for both single-player and multiplayer modes which will keep you entertained for hours on end. This game requires players to manage their resources well in order to keep their citizens happy. Some elements that are unique to this game include the ability to create one’s own avatar, various hotels, and resorts that provide different services for your citizens, among other things.

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