dota 2

DOTA 2 is a very popular game many players enjoy playing worldwide. If you are one of those people and are currently on the lookout for similar games, the list below can help you.

Games Like Dota 2


SMITE is a MOBA that brings the Gods from various mythologies into a battlefield. You can play as any of the powerful Gods, such as Thor, Zeus, Loki, and so many more. This game slightly differs from other MOBAs since it has the 3rd-person perspective rather than a common top-down perspective that is found in the majority of MOBAs. You’ll be able to use the god in the 3rd-person view, which can make the experience unique while giving it more of the action game theme.


Paladins is the online, class-based, brightly colored, first-person shooter, which features champions with various abilities and weapons. There is also the Cards System that modifies abilities and behavior in certain ways. The game allows you to enter the fantasy world of the ancient technology in Paladins, the team-based shooter that comes with deep character customization and strategy elements. Through the unique collectible card system, you can augment and amplify the core set of abilities of the character.


Counter-Strike is the multiplayer first-person shooter that was initially created by Jess Cliffe and Minh Le as the mod for Half-Life. However, by a fifth beta, Valve Software began actively participating in its development and eventually bought the rights to it as well as offered original developers jobs at a company that both of them accepted.


In this ARPG, players can play as the hero who explores the series of randomized dungeons, while fighting enemies, looting, collecting gold and equipment. The game also features the town to which a hero may return to buy and sell gear as well as items and pick up the quests. As players progress into a dungeon, they get to battle various bosses which advance the main storyline by successfully completing quests that revolve around them. Optionally, you can take on random quests, side quests, or visit the branching dungeon areas so you can develop your character further.


Elsword is the 2.5D action MMORPG that was developed by KOG Studios (the South Korean company). The game includes both player vs. player and player vs. environment modes and players can also enjoy real-time action gameplay. There are a number of playable characters within a game, each with distinct abilities and unique backstories.

AirMech Strike

This is a fast-paced Action-RTS game you can play online cooperatively or competitively. Earn Experience and Kudos in the battle and unlock the wide collection of Units and AirMechs while you practice a perfect strategy to win the battles.


At an intersection of the colliding universes, the player gets to take control of the Hero who is fighting to save the world. A player can become imbued with the power from their Aspects and equip themselves with their Factions’ legendary gear in the action-packed, next-gen, third-person MOBA.

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