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FIFA 22 is a team sports football game that was developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and has over 17,000 players, 700 teams, and over 90 stadiums with 30 leagues from around the world.

It has multiple modes like career mode, Volta football, and FIFA ultimate team. Today we will list out some of the games like FIFA 22 on the steam platform

Games like FIFA 22

1. Football Manager 2022

This game was developed by sports interactive and published by SEGA on 9th November 2021. This is a team sports management game where you will be managing and developing your team to victory and stardom in any league of your choosing from 123 leagues and 500,00 players that are available.

2. Pro Soccer Online

Skywall Studios LLC is the sole developer and publisher of this game which was released on 16th November 2021 with input-driven gameplay, no pay-to-win mechanics, and 2 game modes of 6v6 and 3v3. It also has dedicated servers all over the world with an option to customize your players and game.

3. Ball 3D

This is a multiple sports game like soccer, basketball, hockey, racing, handball, and more combined in one to give an awesome experience in which you can play against the bots or play online against other players. This game which was published by Unusualsoft has over 1 million players.

4. Kopanito All-stars Soccer

Kopanito is a skill-based sports game with 17 tournaments or leagues, 7 stadiums, and over 100 national teams which you can play against the AI or play online against your friends. You might even get a super move as you climb up the ladder to become the best team in this tournament.

5. New Star Manager

In this team sports game, you will be taking over a team called New Star FC which is in a very difficult situation, and develop them to become the best in this game. You will be in total control of the club, players, facilities, finances, recruitment, hiring, and firing of staff.

6. Pixel Cup Soccer 17

This retro-style soccer game will bring back memories of the 80s and 90s. It has 7 tournaments and 3 game modes which allow you to play against the computer or your friends.

7. IOSoccer

This free third-person multiplayer team game will allow you to show your skills by controlling the players or letting the AI controls them. You have the option to customize the shirt, ball, gloves, shoes, hairstyle and get to play in multiple modes and tournaments with dedicated servers.

8. FootLOL: Epic Soccer League

One of the funniest and bizarre football sports games ever on this platform where you get the chance to develop your team on earth before going to other planets to play in a tournament against the AI or other players. You will be using multiple cheats like guns, cows, aliens, and mines to destroy your opponent and protect your players at the same time.

9. Behold the Kickmen

This is a single-player mode game in which you will be developing your team from the bottom of the British football system to become the best and win the World Cup.

10. Soccertron

Play with your friends or against the bots in this local multiplayer team game with up to 4 players and 5 different game fields. In this pretty simple game, you either kick the ball or kick the other player to win the game.

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