football manager 2022

Football Manager 2022 is a sports management game that includes 123 leagues and over 500,000 databases you can choose from. You will be managing everything from player development, recruitment, and playing tactics. The game was developed by Sports Interactive and published by SEGA on 9th November 2021. Today we will list out games like Football Manager 2022 on the Steam platform.

Games like Football Manager 2022

1. Motorsport Manager

The key features like the driver personality, location of choice, the correct factory setting, weather setting, and how to master the pitstop on race weekend make this game a stunning management game for car race lovers. Your job will be to recruit the right people and master the advanced technology to create the best car available to win this tournament.

2. Teamfight Manager

This eSports team management game is about how you manage your team by picking and banning the right candidate for the fight and making sure the players are in the right condition by giving them the best facility and equipment. You can fight in a solo match or team with up to 10 players in multiplayer mode to become the champion in the deathmatch rule games.

3. Gladiator Guild Manager

You will manage and choose the right gladiator to fight, counter your enemies and win the monthly championship tournament so that you can build your guild and recruit better gladiators ranging from mages, warriors, beasts, and rangers. As your guild makes more profits you can start entering the outside world to participate in quests, help the poor and fight horrifying boss monsters.

4. International Basketball Manager 2022

The game has 20 leagues, over 330 teams, and up to 5000 players that you can manage as a coach in this stunning 2D match. This game is officially licensed by Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and 7 DAYS EuroCup with 2 modes, career, and manager in which you will sign players, transfer players, manage the playing tactic in-game and give special training for the improvement of the players.

5. Franchise Hockey Manager 8

You can customize your league, play any historical game from 1917 onwards or select a team from dozens of leagues around the world to get the grand trophy, the Stanley Cup. The key features are hockey cards, personal notepad, customization options, improved 2D mode, postgame feedback, youth system, adjustable trade difficulty, historical background, financial options, on-ice decisions, in-game feedback, and draft features.

6. Tennis Manager 2021

As a manager, you will be in charge of more than 5000 academy players where you will train them to become champions in over 2000 tournaments including the Grand Slam. You will be the main figure in growing your academy, managing finances, giving interviews, manage and building your team.

7. Pro Cycling Manager 2021

You will the sole decision-maker in this game of over 80 teams, 260 races, and over 700 stages including all 21 famous Tour De France stages. You can join the career mode where your team will climb up the ladder to become the champions or join pro cyclist mode where you can customize your own cyclist to win the yellow jersey.

8. League Manager 2022

Take the role of the manager in this Esports game where you will be in charge of choosing the team, choosing the correct management system, watching the game, and analyzing it to make the legendary team. This game was developed and published solely by AG SOFT on 24th November 2021.

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