While it’s totally cool to stick to playing Fortnite, there are more attractive, trendy games like Fortnite with fantastic aesthetics young folks can’t get enough of. With lots of improved features like new superheroes, location, and warfare, games like Fortnite is something you might want to check out and experience yourself.

However, being a Fortnite enthusiast is not enough. Exploring ranges of the best games are the real deal. Do you need more challenges apart from the normal games you are used to playing? We have a list of interesting and mind-blowing games like Fornite you won’t want to miss; if acting the hero and saving the world is your muse, we get you covered with our collections. Guess what? They are all available and accessible on your PC.

Games like Fortnite

Call of Duty Warzone

This game is the most real battle royale you can experience; it has a 150 player battle royale based on Modern Warfare multiplayer but with some added characters. You don’t need to own a Call of Duty and Warfare before you can jump into the warzone with your squadmates. If you think the real Fornite is highly designed with lots of steady UFO hijackings for your liking, this game might just be the right for you. 

Ring of Elsyium

Looking for solid battle royale games with unique and interesting characters? You might want to check this out. This game is impressive because of the FPS quality that can be found in PUBG, however, with a bit of weirdness of Fornite in it. It has exciting creations that you can tweak as much as you want and make you run from the ash storm on your BMX aboard a skimobile on Dione. The game is so on point that you might want to be careful not about being obsessed along the line. 

Apex Legends

Talk about creativity at its peak. Apex legends were created by the developers of Ttanfall2; however, don’t think about doing wall-running in this game. In this game, your character will be one of the 10 legends, each with its unique ability. The characters are amazingly unique, such as a legend calling in an artillery strike and sending out a drone to treat allies. The game can be played in 3 groups, with someone consistently available to cover you, although you don’t need to stay together if you prefer otherwise. Legends may not always be around to see the wins; in this game, the last man standing out of your team, including you, are winners. There is no form of betrayal or fight to the death style of battle.


This game is more like a combination of Fortnite and PUBG; it initially used to be a zombie survival shooter, but after the entire Battle Royale weirdness ended, the game decided to do the same. The new, improved version begins as a ruler of the Hill mode where about 150 players fight to be alive with matches playing faster and destructive than the real Fortnite games. In addition, the developer has launched a freemium H1Z1 Battle Royale with full Royale mode on PS4 and PC. When playing the improved Auto Royale, the characters include grouping 30 teams of 4 players against themselves, with one player controlling the vehicle and others handling the firepower. Another driver’s role is to pick power-ups and break gear crates while driving.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Long before Forntie existed, this game, also known as PUBG, used to be the Boss of the Battle Royale category. Player unknown battlegrounds are more solid, realistic, and manly than Fortnite; let’s just say it’s much closer to Call of Duty. The game has 4 maps to play: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi, and they are larger than the Fornite maps that you will need to take vehicles to move around and stay alive.


Although it’s not a Battle Royale game, it is a unique game that sets characters against each other. In this game, 36 characters are further divided into 4 groups: Offense, Defense, Support, and Tank. Surviving is all about tactics and forming a team to win the battle; this is what this game teaches anyone who plays it. You need a team to win and stay at the top.


Sea fights, navy, cannons, and Adventure come with so much excitement beyond doubt. So has a naval battle game, the characters defeat other ships in Maelstrom using their diverse cannons to destroy the ships or make them vulnerable to sea creatures and watch while the sea creatures do the job for you. You can choose between three characters: human, dwarf or orc. Although the number of players in the game is limited, the unique naval fight still improvises for the limited player.

Games like Fortnite are unique, adventurous, and daring games perfect for an ideal hero and legends. Playing these games brings your imagination to life, giving you a whole experience level beyond words.

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