Forza Horizon 5

Have you conquered every car and sped through every raceway in Forza Horizon 5? Are you still itching to put the digital pedal to the metal, but don’t know where to set your sights?

Fear not, as Steam has access to every type of driving simulator you could possibly ask for, here are five curated especially for the Forza Fiend you’ve made yourself out to be.

Games like Forza Horizon 5

1. Snowrunner

Snowrunner takes away the asphalt and puts you on the open terrain of off-road driving. Not necessarily as fast as what you may be accustomed to, but don’t let that fool you. The trails and trials present in this popular driving simulator are nothing to be sneezed at. Heavy cargo, harsh terrain, and the biggest baddest trucks from Ford to Chevy line the appeal of this game. With consistent updates and a very active player base, Snowrunner can give you the experience of trucking up steep slopes and over icy terrain without needing the proper licenses or risk of weather done to yourself. It comes highly recommended.

2. The Crew 2

The Crew 2 offers the adrenaline junkies out there even more chances to race and win. Ubisoft packed this game with terrain shifting, a wide range of difficulties, and the chance to prove who the fastest racer in North America really is. One super appealing factor of this game is that Steam offers a free four-hour demo, which puts you at zero risk if you don’t find the enjoyment as immediate as Forza, but with the variety and replayability available, the demo will likely be your gateway into a whole new racing world where you have no choice, but to show the competition that you are the best.

3. BeamNG Drive strips away much of the glitz and glamour and puts those resources into the most realistic physics engine and crash simulator for a driving game. An encouraged and intense modding community and the ability to drive and crash in twelve varied and expansive environments allow you to live out your wildest vehicular crash fantasies without any danger or cost. From speeding down a busy city street to bisecting a desert road, you can have the clearest view of what it takes for you to really bend those fenders.

4. Eurotruck Simulator 2

EuroTruck Simulator 2 may not have a glamorous name, but with some of the most realistic controls in a driving simulator and the beautiful and varied landscapes of Europe, this game is a must for fans of driving games. Even the most mundane of errands can find you traversing the coast of the Baltic Sea or navigating the forests and mountains of the most eye-catching and appealing landscapes in Europe. This is only one game in a vast series of detailed driving controls and the sights that you earn by driving long distances, so any would be a great starting point. EuroTruck Simulator 2 does have a free demo, so don’t just take my word for it; see for yourself!

5. Other Forza Games

And finally, if the Forza itch is just too specific and aesthetically necessary, Steam has a boon of other Forza games available with every kind of imaginable DLC to add on. Typing Forza in the search gives you 135 results of Forza in name or the most Forza-like games not previously listed here. All with every kind of car you could possibly want to race (or crash).

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