GTA V is one of the most popular games in gaming history. It has millions of players and days of content both in single-player and multiplayer.

But what if you’re tired of the game, we’ve got you. Let’s explore the top games like GTA V available on Steam.

Games like GTA 5

1. Mafia 2

Set during WWII, you play as Vito Scaletta. He grows up poor and hungry, so when he gets the chance to earn money for one of the various organized crime bosses in the city, he takes it.

Throughout the story, we see Vito do many horrible things. Stealing cars, taking valuables and killing people. Both in and out of the criminal underworld. In this story, unlike in GTA, there are consequences for his actions, as our main character is often chased and even caught by the Police.

As for gameplay, you will find many similarities between this game and the GTA counterpart. You can steal cars, shoot at people from behind cover, and switch between WWII-era weapons.

Perhaps one of the biggest upsides to the game is the streamlined single-player open world. If you felt that GTA V’s open world was too cramped then you will like this. It has been stripped down to the necessary stories and mission locations.

2. The Hitman Series

This game series is perfect if you loved the assassination missions of GTA V. You play as Agent 47, a mysterious Hitman who…well, has to kill people.

It may seem obvious, but the different missions add variety. There’s more than just beating someone up, or shooting people.

You often need to make assassinations look like accidents. By making a grill explode, or working some of the pyrotechnics. All of this, without getting caught. This makes for a fun and interesting series that people are sure to love.

3. L.A. Noire

Now for a bit of a curveball. Like Mafia II, this is set in the 1940s, but this time you are in Los Angeles, and you are working on the side of the law trying to catch criminals.

When it comes to video games, there are few that can top GTA V with its groundbreaking visuals and open world. However, that does not mean there are not some top-quality games out there, with the ability for you to play on either side of the law, to play as a robber or a hitman, and to hide in plain sight, or come out guns blazing, there is something for everyone.

So go on down to Steam, and check out these games, we have a feeling you won’t be disappointed.

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