Gaming has always been better with friends, joining a session with friends can transform bad games into fun games, and great games into masterpieces.

When it comes to survival games there are always the players who couldn’t bear to play the game alone, and those who thrive on seeing their friends get scared.

One of the best co-op titles in recent memory is GTFO, which took the industry by storm and was critically acclaimed. If you enjoy the breakneck speed, action-packed, strategy-filled aspect of GTFO you will surely enjoy the games below!

Games like GTFO

Left 4 Dead 2

It’s very hard to talk about co-op horror survival games without mentioning Valve’s tour de force. Left 4 Dead 2 was and still is, regarded as one of the best co-op experiences of all time.

The game has influenced and paved the way for most of the games in this genre. Granted, the game might not be as scary as some other titles, however, it is one of the most fun experiences you can have with friends. This is a classic game that every group of friends should play together, at least once.

Dead By Daylight

Asymmetrical games have a history of struggles in the gaming industry, striking the perfect balance between teams is extremely hard. Yet, Dead By Daylight seems to not only have reached such balance but to keep updating the game in fresh ways.

The current roster of twenty-six killers features some of the most iconic villains of all time, such as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Elliot Spencer.

The game pits four survivors versus a killer, the group must turn generators on to reveal the exit, and the killer needs to slaughter everyone. The coordination, and strategy necessary, as well as the thrill of getting caught guarantees hours of fun.

The Forest

This game is an impressive feat all around, and it plays and looks superb. Developed by four people, The Forest takes place after a plane crash, where players find themselves in an eerie forest battling against cannibalistic mutants.

The game allows for up to eight players and focuses a lot on the survival part of the genre. Gathering resources and managing them to build your camp, traps, shelter, weapons, and tools is a big part of the game.

Surviving the onslaught of enemies takes coordination and preparation, and the more you and your friends survive the harder it gets to keep moving forward.

Hunt: Showdown

Arguably Crytek’s best game to date, Hunt: Showdown, mixes co-op with battle royale in this PvPvE game. Available to play in duos or trios, up to twelve players are tasked with hunting targeted creatures in 1895 Louisiana.

You and your friends will have to adapt and work together to not only be the first group to claim the bounty on the monster around the map, but also by surviving the battle with enemy teams.

Using the Dark Sight and progression through Bloodline teams can customize their experience and develop unique strategies for each level and target. This is a very competitive game that will provide hours of fun (and frustration) for any group of friends.


This one is truly not made for the faint of heart. Everything in this game screams horror, you will be fearing every turn of every corner in this PvE title.

This four-player co-op game has you and your friends entering different households in search of different spirits, ghosts, wraiths, phantoms, and other supernatural entities.

The main goal is to use the tools at your disposal, such as voice recorders, crosses, infrared sensors, and EMF meters to identify and reveal the evil spirits. Identify them successfully, and survive the night and you’ll be rewarded, die and you’ll lose your progress and equipment!

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