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When Half Life Alyx first came out, there was a fair bit of pushback against the title. Many people had been waiting for a follow-up to the highly acclaimed Half Life 2, and a “VR Game” was not quite what people had in mind. Not only that but when it was revealed that this would be a prequel to Half Life 2 rather than a sequel that continued the story, well… there was some legitimate criticism thrown this game’s way.

Well, all of that was pretty much thrown out the window when people got to see just what Half Life Alyx was all about. Making full use of the VR gaming experience, Half Life Alyx puts you (literally) in the body of Alyx, a young woman trying to help her father, Eli, as they attempt to stave off and defeat the alien invaders.

The game is an incredible ride and one I highly, highly recommend. For those that have already played it and want to keep up the VR experience, just know that the fun is just beginning. Here are several VR games that you can enjoy while you wait for Half Life Alyx 2… whenever it decides to show up with Half Life 3.

Games Like Half Life Alyx

5. Arizona Sunshine

At first glance, you may not immediately associate the Half Life series with the zombie survival genre. However, that would be like saying Last of Us wasn’t a zombie game just because they were still technically alive.

Regardless, if you’re interested in leaving the headcrabs alone and experiencing some old-school zombie fun, Arizona Sunshine is the game you want to play. This game puts you smack dab in the middle of America’s southwest and has you trying to survive a zombie horde. It’s fun, it’s crazy, and it very much has you feeling like you’re personally in the thick of an undead fight for your life!

4. Fallout 4 VR

This really should tell you just how far VR has come over the past years. Not long ago, it was a joke of a concept that couldn’t do much more than interest people the “possibility” of being great. Now, we’re literally putting whole console games on it.

Fallout 4 VR is everything you loved about Fallout 4 but up-close and personal in a VR setting. I’ll tell you that, when you get used to the setting, it does feel worlds apart from the console version. If you don’t know anything about the franchise, Fallout 4 VR puts you in the aftermath of a nuclear explosion several decades later as your character has been hidden away in a bunker. Now, free and exploring the new world, you’ll face mutated creatures, psychopathic bandits, and calculating machines as you try to survive your new home.

3. Portal Stories VR

Regarded as the kid brother to the Half Life series, the Portal franchise is just as beloved as an IP, with many holding it exceptionally high regard. The story surrounding Portal Stories VR is an inspiring one, as it started as a fan-made mod to Portal 2 before Valve saw just how impressive it was and made it an actual part of the game’s lore!

The game has much of the same feel as Half Life Alyx, sharing in its subtle eeriness and creep factor. If you enjoyed Half Life Alyx, you kind of owe it to yourself to play Portal Stories VR.

2. Budget Cuts

If you were someone that doubted that Half Life Alyx would hold true, amongst the gritty aliens and terrible headcrab zombies, to Valve’s signature dry humor only to be pleasantly surprised, then you’ll love Budget Cuts. Why? Because it’s the same way!

Budget Cuts takes place in the dystopian nightmare that is a robot-filled corporate office. There, you’ll sneak, stab, and teleport throughout the build to escape. It has much of that dry, witty humor to it while also being a fun, intense, and ultimately engaging world that you (ironically) won’t want to leave.

1. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Ok, so why is this game here? Simply for this reason. No matter what port it’s on, Hellblade is truly a phenomenal game that is unlike anything else out there. This game has tons of action, adventure, great visuals, incredible sound (we’ll talk about that more), and a super engaging story with a death mechanic that just works!

This game is a tour de force that is only amplified severalfold when in VR. If you’ve played the game on PC or console in the past, you know about some of the more intrinsic parts of how the game works. Well, the VR experience amplifies that by a magnitude of 10. You’ll feel like you’re Sensua as you’re going through the story… and that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

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