One of the breakout games of 2021 has to go RNG masterpiece that was Inscryption. From its surprisingly fun deckbuilding gameplay to its incredibly deep lore, there really was so much that Inscryption did right.

Unfortunately, after you’ve played the game, there isn’t a whole lot you can do afterwards. While it’s awesome in its own right, the game doesn’t have a ton of replay value.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost! While Inscryption has a pretty niche genre, there are a few alternative options out there to hold you over until Inscryption 2 comes out. Here are some games like Inscryption that you’ll absolutely love to play.

Games like Inscryption


From the same publisher as Inscryption, Devolver Digital had another incredible deckbuilding game come out in 2021. And, while it isn’t quite on the level of polish as its cool older brother, Loop Hero is still a pretty awesome stand-in.

The game follows the typical deckbuilding roguelike formula except for one crucial detail. You’re actually controlling everything BUT the player. You’ll place cards to place enemies and build locations and terrains so that “the hero” has an easier time moving through the game until ultimately ending the cycle.


While Inscryption was the best deckbuilding game of 2021, Monster Train was its predecessor as the best deckbuilding game of 2020. This game’s campaign focuses on players moving through the train’s levels, each filled with different monsters.

With the player desperately trying to reach the front of the train, you’ll have a ton of fun trying out different card types and going through different challenges as you go through this surprisingly difficult game.


Next on this list is the beautifully designed Black Book. Based around Slavic mythology, Black Book is a gorgeous card-based RPG game where you play as Vasilisa, a young sorceress. When her lover dies, Vasilisa goes out in search of the Black Book to try and bring them back.

This game is a ton of fun with a super engaging story. Not only that, but it just looks so incredible, you’ll find yourself lost in this work of art come alive.


While not a 1:1 comparison to Inscryption, Griftlands follows with the deckbuilding aspects while also having some great art, an engaging story, and well-realized characters.

What makes Griftlands such an awesome game (besides how it looks, which is amazing) is the fact that it has a terrific story as well as the option to “not” just mindlessly rampage through, offing everyone you meet.


We couldn’t have this list without Pony Island. “What’s Pony Island?” you might be asking.

Simply put, Pony Island is the game that put Mullins on the map. If you loved the meta-horror elements in Inscryption, then their earlier work, Pony Island is the game for you. For fear of spoilers, I’ll keep things brief. However, let’s just say Inscrytption isn’t their first time completely flipping a game’s mechanics on its head.

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