Put simply, there isn’t any other game out there that’s quite like Mass Effect. While the third game’s ending is still one of controversy and speculation, the simple fact of the matter is that everything that leads up to that ending is a wild ride as you play Commander Shepard of the SSV Normandy.

The recent Legendary Edition of the game takes everything about the original trilogy that you loved and gives it a good spit-shine. In terms of graphics, polish, and level design, it leaves everything that worked well and earnestly fixes everything that didn’t. Simply put, for me at least, it’s very much the definitive version of the game and something I can’t recommend highly enough.

For those that have had a chance to play this game and are now more psyched than ever for the follow-up title that Bioware has in the oven, here are some games that give that same sense of excitement and adventure.

Games Like Mass Effect

5. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Starting off this list, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is all the fun parts of Mass Effect on repeat. Forget all of that running and gunning. Let’s have some more Garrus recalibrations! Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a beautifully painted space flight simulator that hosts a variety of different space aliens in a very “Cantina-Esque” aesthetic.

You’ll play Juno Markev, a former smuggler that is trying to get on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, when her husband is killed, she’ll find herself back in the thick of the seedier parts of the galaxy. This space sim will have you flying to different worlds, hitting up bars to drink and gamble, and running around in something that feels like it could very well be part of the Mass Effect universe.

4. No Man’s Sky

Oh man, where do we start with No Man’s Sky? If you were one of the people that got this game upon its original release, your experience, and my experience would be two TOTALLY different things. Let’s just say that there was a lot to be desired with the game in its heyday.

Now, almost 6 years later, and the game is quite literally the greatest redemption story in all of gaming (and personally restored my faith in humanity). But I’m not going to bore you so much with its rise to greatness. Instead, I’ll just tell you that this game has pretty much accomplished every single thing that it said it would do, and a little bit more. You’ll visit a near-endless expanse of different planets throughout the galaxy while creating bases and dealing with the local creatures. It’s pretty much as if Mass Effect was a Sims game.

3. BioShock

While followed up by several sequels and spin-offs (of varying degrees of quality), Bioshock is an awesome gaming experience that is still talked about to this very day. In particular, while Mass Effect deals with everything in the stars, ironically, Bioshock instead goes into the bottommost depths of the sea. There, you’ll explore the world of Rapture and see how this capitalist haven eventually devolved into a hellish nightmare as people foolishly decided to play god and gift themselves abominable powers.

It’s a bit on the nose but has a very enthralling story, super cool powers, and some of the most iconic opponents and antagonists of all time. So, with all that said, would you kindly check this game out and tell me what you thought of it?

2. Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic

We had to put Bioware’s original claim to fame on this list, and the #2 spot fits perfectly. Both KOTOR 1 and 2 are stellar games in their own right, with both easily being the building blocks that gave Bioware the confidence to create a galaxy of their own while not keeping it too far away from what made them so famous.

Knights of the Old Republic is everything that you loved about Mass Effect but in the Star Wars universe. This means, in addition to tough choices, witty banter, passionate love affairs, and the incredible story reveals, there are also lightsabers.

1. Dragon Age: Origins

What could outdo Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic? Well, none other than Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origins.

While this game doesn’t share the same sci-fi space fantasy that the others on this list do, that is where the differences end. Their first true IP, Dragon Age, like Mass Effect, can do things that their Star Wars games simply couldn’t. As such, Dragon Age: Origins exemplifies everything right about Mass Effect. Seriously, this is a game that you need to play if you haven’t and you need to play again and again if you haven’t done that either. It’s that good.

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