Feeling bored and looking for games to lighten your mood? With thousands of games online, you might get confused about the games to download; guess what? We have a list of notable games like Minecraft to lighten your mood. Over the years, games like Minecraft have received global recognition with millions of active young players; are you an avid user of Minecraft looking to experience a new and exciting craft differently? We have some of the best and irresistible games like Minecraft, all available on PC. You don’t need an IOS, Android, Xbox One, and Ps4 to enjoy these games. Follow us closely while we take you on games like Minecraft trips.

Games like Minecraft

1. The Forest

The forest is an adventurous game and a typical scenario of you having a plane crash. Here, the game puts you in the heart of the jungle, putting your survival skills or instincts to play by pressuring you to make weapons and shelter to keep you warm and shield you from the night hunter’s tribe of cannibals. The forest feels so real and scarier than the real Minecraft scary spiders where blood-loving savages try to feed on you. Have you ever imagined what surviving in the wilderness alone feels like? You can find out in the forest. 

2. No Man’s Sky

Is going to a galaxy or space something you would like to explore? You can experience that playing No Man’s Sky. Here, you can go on a personal trip to the centre of the universe through galaxies and planetary bodies. During the trip, you get to meet other smart species, run into unfriendly robots, document passive creatures and get into space wars. With the new game updates No Man’s Sky 2.0, there are new, improved features such as building a home, owning a farm and harvesting the produce, and transforming the crater into workshops.

3. Ark: Survival Evolved

Your ability to survive rests on your skills and instinct; Survival Evolved game is on a different level compared to the real Minecraft dinosaurs. Here, you wake up on the beaches of a mysterious island dominated by Jurassic beasts; shortly after this new and strange revelation, your skills in crafting and fighting becomes useful in your journey to becoming the ruler of the jungle. This game gradually changes from a survival experience to a power pipe dream. Taking us back to jungle movies where a lost person in the jungle adapts to the new lifestyle and later rules the jungle.

4. Terasology

If not for the actual in-game water, you can innocently confuse Terasology with Minecraft. However, it is an open-source game, meaning that if you like to join and contribute to community projects during the developmental stage, then this is good for you. In addition, this game has unique features, such as being able to build an army of dedicated minions to protect your works. One other thing is that Terasology is always under constant improvement, meaning that no one is certain of what to expect tomorrow.

5. Stardew Valley

If farming games are your best genre, wait until you play the Stardew Valley. While some people would stick to building, this game brings all the adventure of the countryside right to your face. Stardew Valley begins with you inheriting your grandpa’s farm; the land was unique to him, and it’s the only thing to remind you of him. Now that you’ve inherited the old farm, you have to leave the city to start afresh alone in the countryside. In the game, your character is given a big plot of land to work with as you wish while creating space for different crops and animals. Outside your inherited land, you get to meet the villagers, form genuine relationships with the locals, and to be able to marry the woman of your dream. If you need a game to cool your mind off the day’s stress, Stardew Valley is a fantastic game to relax on PC.

6. Robocraft

The game lists won’t be complete without a robot in them for robot lovers. In the game, you build a bot from different block-based elements, release your creation on future alien worlds to defeat them. There are impressive lists of things you can build, such as flying machines, among other constructions. Aside from building bots, the game also has varieties of warfare for your creations, allowing you to fight in different ways. However, you must be creative when playing the game to not be buried by blocks.

7. Fortnite: Save the World

When two enemies fighting against each other now have a bigger threat to human existence, the smartest thing to do is fight together. Unfortunately, the save the World game is undervalued, but Minecraft is a perfect option. Although it is not yet free, this is how the game works; instead of the combat bots fighting each other, they rather fight the bigger and common enemy, the “zombie horde”. You start by building your base, putting construction components and traps where you desire, then go into the world to execute missions.

Games like Minecraft just got interesting with the above games listed for your pleasure. You can play them during your favourite relaxing hour on your PC. They feel so real like Minecraft’s but with more unique features and close to reality virtual experience.

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