Phasmophobia is a co-op action horror game. You and your team go into a haunted house to gather evidence. You can choose to enter the house or stay in the van and support your team. You have lots of ghost hunting equipment and can interact with over 10 types of ghosts by using an Ouija board and spirit box. Today we will list out some of the games like Phasmophobia on the Steam platform.

Games like Phasmophobia


An online horror, coop game. Intense. Multiple levels, with different tasks. Enemies vary strength, with some that can kill you instantly. The game is notoriously difficult, but rewarding nonetheless. The game spent 2 years in early access which has allowed for numerous improvements. The levels are long, some lasting over 2 hours. Influences from Left 4 Dead and Destiny.

2. In Silence

The objective of this game is to escape the rake by repairing the car or to kill it by opening a secret armoury and being silent is the best weapon because even the slightest sound can alert the rake. Some key features are single-player, nightmare mode, proximity voice chat, 16 different perks, secret armoury to kill the rake, opportunity to become a mouse after death, flashlight, and flashbang to defuse the rake.

3. Fear Surrounds

This horror-based werewolf game has 2 ways of playing it, either as a clergy (good guy) or as the spectre (bad guy). The good guy achieves victory by completing all the quests or by identifying the bad guy and the spectres achieve victory by killing all the good guys.

4. Hellcoming

SurgutGames is the sole developer and publisher of this game which includes big maps, special tools to help you, multiple traps along the way, and demons which get more powerful as the game progresses. The objective of the game is to go through the portal, find the rune and destroy the artefacts either alone or with up to 4 friends in a team.

5. SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer

SCP is the main entity that haunts the facility and your main objective is to escape the facility or play in a breach mode and become the entity itself. It has 7 entity types with key features like containment breach, breach game mode, random sites, map creator and can be played with up to 64 players.

6. Invitation To Fear

Can be played up to 4 players at once and the main objective is to destroy the cursed statue and escape the terrifying creature in the building that hunts you. Can be played in a single mode but need to be careful with the sound you make because the creature has a special ability to detect your whereabouts.

7. Loch Ness

The legendary loch ness monster is being examined by a team of researchers led by you through the waters and getting the evidence needed to get the high score and advance to the next level of the game. You can use multiple tools and take pictures and evidence or can lure out the loch ness monster to the open water and get more concrete evidence.

8. Hideaway

This game can be played solo or with friends in multiplayer mode. The story of you and your friends spending the night out in a winter cabin and something is lurking outside and you must survive the night.

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