With the great popularity that Planet Zoo brought among players who love this type of video game genre, we want to tell you a little more, that is why we bring you a list of games like planet zoo so that you can give them a chance to see if you like them, it’s worth it:

Games like Planet Zoo

1. Zoo Tycoon

It is a complete series of simulation video games whose main premise revolves around construction, management, and business. The series of these games were created by Blue Fang Games and published by Microsoft Studio.

In this game, the player will have full control over the zoo business. The first entry in the series was made in 2001. At launch, the game was primarily featured and had quite a few updates after the first. Each update brought various kinds of new things to the game.

2. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is another game from the same creators and developers as planet zoo and Zoo Tycoon. It is a simulator game with the same concept where you can build, manage and maintain a personalized and unique world. But instead of being a zoo, the player will have to apply his knowledge to create a roller coaster park.

Although it does not bring animals like the previous one, they have certain similarities that you will undoubtedly recognize and appreciate, so enjoy this new game that the developers have created for you.

3. Let’s Build a Zoo

Under the creation of No More Robots and also developed by a study in Singapore, called Springloaded, comes this proposal that may interest you if you are a lover of management games in general and more if you are a lover of animals in particular. Under the name of Let’s Build a Zoo, the idea of this game is to create and maintain a zoo just like planet zoo

The game comes from the budget management, limits of each animal, purchase of equipment, and the hiring of personnel. The idea is to create profitable, educational, and respectful spaces.

4. Zoo 2

If you are one of those people who like games with animals, this game is ideal for you. In this strategy game, you can build your zoo. However, the difference is that you cannot create it from scratch, since in history you inherit a small zoo from a deceased relative.

The idea is to keep the zoo running, if you can’t do it, the land will be sold, which will spell the end for all the animals. The idea is not to let that happen. Become one of the best zookeepers and help the animals.

5. Zoo park

With this game you can build the zoo you always dreamed of, attract visitors through the door with the help of exotic animals, that is one of Zoo Park’s simulation strategies.

With this game, you will be able to take care of more than 30 different animals in the four corners of the Earth while executing professional rescue, rehabilitation, research, and also conservation programs.

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