Project Zomboid

If you’ve gotten through the Project: Zomboid early access on Steam and are still chomping at the bit (pun absolutely intended) for more high octane gameplay similar to the Indie Stone masterpiece, we have gathered five more games on Steam that might be exactly what you’re looking for. And, as always, remember to check your system requirements so you can enjoy these exciting games!

Games like Project: Zomboid

1. Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins is another game from that comfortable looking, but all too addictive to play, genre of top-down tower defence. Resource management and strategy are necessary to build your villages during the day and defend them at night from every sort of monster you can be afraid of. Rise to Ruins is regularly updated and has a large player base on Steam so you can connect with the community.

As with any tower defence simulator, you can sink hours of entertainment in or step in briefly to kill time in-between Zoom calls. With easy to adapt to controls and the near-anywhere accessibility Steam offers, this game can keep you busy for a very long time. Be sure to sit safely wil the right support as your minutes may turn to ours and when you rise to use the restroom, you don’t want your neck and back in ruins.

2. Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is another colony simulator, but with the thousands of positive Steam reviews, more bang for your buck in graphical requirements, and the thrill of trying to keep a group of survivors alive during a literal demon apocalypse, its hard to pass up the kind of adrenaline rush you’d be getting from this game. The most appealing part to the game (at least to someone who adores being put into life-or-death situations that end with characters flesh being consumed) are the supply runs that are required to keep your colony operating through the demon-filled nights.

3. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is easily one of the most popular sandbox RPGs on Steam today. Depending on the formula perfected by zombie modes that are across all sorts of first-person shooters, and the open-world skill-building and improvement that the genre is appreciated for, 7 Days to Die allows the player to jump right into the post-apocalypse and it has hands that grab and teeth that bite. Taking control of your player character is a rewarding, but challenging experience as you have to manage the ever-dwindling resource, improve on your survival skills, and, y’know, not get eaten by zombies. All alone are reason enough to jump into this world, but together you can experience the turmoil of a collapsed world all from the comfort of your own home.

4. The Forest

The Forest takes a step away from apocalypse scenarios and tells a much more insular survivor story that is sure to keep you awake on those long nights. Starting out as the lone survivor of a plane crash, you are stuck in a forest and must await some form of rescue, but the environment is not entirely familiar as there are sinister forces moving against you and they seemingly only want your destruction. This survival horror game has almost been exclusively praised for its atmosphere and intuitive gameplay. Couple the praise with the VR support and you might have your next favourite horror game on the horizon.

5. Raft

The final game on this list is another that you are sure to sink (pun still intended) hours of time into. Raft is an open-ocean survival game. With multiplayer support, you can connect online with friends new and old on Steam all while you work towards the shared goal of not being eaten alive by the many sharks that infest this endless sea. Co-op gameplay, survival tactics, and the ever-challenging resource management make this game a must-have for people who like their impending dooms to have beautiful sunny days and cool breezes.

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