Propnight is undoubtedly an entertaining multiplayer adventure game. Luckily, there are other games as well with a similar feel. Following are some of the best for you:

Games like Propnight

Dead by Daylight

Actually, Dead by Daylight is the easiest transition for people who enjoy playing Propnight. In fact, this game offers you the depth that is lacked by Propnight. Did you know that Propnight blends the elements from Dead by Daylight and Prophunt?

Dead by Daylight is quite a mature game. After all, it features a heavier dose of bloodshed and violence. It even boasts some disturbing monsters. Those gamers who breathe and live in the Horror genre will appreciate this game even more. It has been around for a while now which means that it has been updated to offer a smooth experience. Every now and then, new locations and characters are also added.

Monstrum 2

If you are looking for fewer strategies and puzzle mechanics, you should give Monstrum 2 a try. It is more action-based and definitely worth your attention.

It is interesting to note that Monstrum shares the same concept as Propnight. However, it excludes the prop-changing ability. Instead of it, it pits four gamers against a monstrosity controlled by a player. It must hunt them down before these players can escape. It is a scary solo game and it can be quite entertaining with your friends to accompany you.

Dark Home

One of the pros of Propnight is that it allows players to scare each other. There are some things more frightening than just being pursued by something. It can be quite an entertaining game when players are required to keep their attention on a swivel as they perform tasks. Dark Home is not your typical game. Packed with features, it offers you the smoothness that many games lack.

Piggy: Hunt

There is no doubt that a part of the charm of Propnight is that it is not as gory and bloody as other survival horror games. Instead of it, Piggy: Hunt tends to follow the same idea by enabling players to enjoy a spooky survival game. It offers a game experience that can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Players take a top-down view and navigate through a series of corridors and rooms, fixing items and obtaining different items. They need to perform all of this while avoiding an infected Piggy. This Piggy can eliminate any player that it manages to catch.

Among Us

Among Us is a great game for those who enjoy multiplayer spooky games. While players don’t have the same prop-wielding powers, it does offer an incredible experience.

Among Us features a large number of players at one time on a map. It enhances the need for deception by making some players Impostors and making them eliminate the rest of the members. It requires players to think quickly to make sure that they are not discovered. In recent times, Among Us has improved significantly to offer a better experience.

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