In this survival game, you will be trapped on a small raft with only a hook that you can use to catch debris that is floating by to use it and make your raft better. You can play solo or in a multiplayer mode and craft equipment, research new things, navigate to new places, dive in search of resources, and fight the man-eating shark. Today we will list out games like RAFT on the Steam platform.

Games like RAFT

1. Subnautica

You have crash-landed in an alien ocean world and you need to go further down to survive. As you go down you will find rare resources, craft diving gears, construct underwater habitats, explore the deep ocean and fight off dangerous creatures at night time.

2. Stranded Deep

After a plane crash nearby the Pacific Ocean, You are stranded alone on an island and need to do everything you can to survive in this multiplayer game mode. You will have the opportunity to craft tools, unlock different skills, build your home, build vehicles like boats and rafts to explore the sea, farm resources, hunt animals, and fight bosses to get great rewards.

3. Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea is an adventurous game where you will explore the terrifying darkness of the vast sea and try to make sure all your crew survives the ordeal. You will trade and smuggle rare resources, choose the ship mascot, upgrade the steamship and fight with other ships, monsters, and creatures.

4. Bermuda – Lost Survival

Bermuda Triangle has been a mysterious spot for the vanishing of ships and airplanes and you will explore this place to reveal the secret. You will explore the depth of the sea, craft different types of tools and equipment, plan and build floating outposts and encounter the ocean wildlife while surviving to the end.

5. Taravana: Deep Ocean Survival

Taravana is a multiplayer survival game where you will explore the seas in search of answers to the sudden appearance of extraterrestrial origins. You will use your skill to craft multiple items and diving gears like “ichtis” and use it to hunt down the fauna, research the DNA and use it as your companion.

6. Salt

Can be played solo or in a multiplayer survival game mode where you will start with basic resources on an island and build your very own raft to explore the vast ocean in search of loots. As you travel you will complete 50 types of quests, upgrade your ships, go to beautiful islands, discover mysterious places, survive an attack and meet other pirates.

7. Captain Bones: Prologue

You will be captain Bones, a pirate who is wanted by authorities In this game you need to survive by crafting weapons and boats from the materials collected around the island and at the same time explore the high seas to find treasures, but beware of the danger from the depth of the sea.


The game was developed and published solely by dotbunny on 19th February 2019. In this game, you will be left alone on a mysterious island and your objective is to find the treasure and clues in the ocean and around the island to wrap up the mystery that is surrounding the BREATHE island.

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