rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical FPS game that involves close-quarters combat. Choose from highly trained special forces and new technologies to attack and breach the enemy’s area or defend your stronghold by using traps and fortifications.

You can join the multiplayer community and play in ranked matches, weekly tournaments, or the Pro League. Today we will look at a list of games like Rainbow Six Siege on the Steam platform.

Games like Rainbow Six Siege

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Famously known as CS GO, this has been one of the most famous games ever to be played with over 25 million units sold worldwide. You can choose between 2 teams, either terrorists or counter-terrorist in these 5 vs 5 online multiplayer games. There are 3 ways of winning this game, either blow up the bomb or defuse it before time runs out, or eliminate the opposing team. You can join the CS GO tournament with your friends and emerge as the champions.

2. PUBG: Battlegrounds

This is a survival and tactical FPS game where 100 players will be put together in a battleground and the last player standing will be victorious. The game was developed and published by KRAFTON, Inc on 21st December 2017.

3. Squad

Pick a squad of 9 people and fight it out with 50 others in 20 large open maps. You can choose the squad from the US Army, Russian Ground Forces, British Army, Canadian Armed Forces, the Middle Eastern Alliance, militia, and insurgents. Communication is very important in this game as you can use it to coordinate and conquer enemies.

4. World War 3

You will be given multiple types of weapons, armies, tanks, drones, and airstrikes to dominate the battlefield and all these tools can be customized. You will be playing in stunning real-life maps around the world in tactical ops or team deathmatch mode with over 40 players and the player with the highest kill count wins.

5. Ground Branch

In this game, you will be the elite paramilitary arm of the CIA’s SAG/SOC division and will kill the enemies in an 8-player co-op or 8 vs 8 adversarial game mode. It has multiple missions, unprecedented customization options and the best part is it uses a true first-person shooter system as the camera is placed at the eyes of the characters.

6. Zero Hour

This is a tactical FPS game that happens in Bangladesh where you can play in either a CO-OP, 5 VS 5, or team vs team in a close-quarter combat war game. You will be given resources at the start of the game and you can make plans by drawing a planning table to give an element of surprise to the enemies and use all the available tools to win the war.

7. Swat 3: Tactical Game of the Year Edition

You will take the role of LAPD SWAT officer and take part in 27 intense missions set in real LA to protect the common citizens and capture the criminals. Learn SWAT tactics, training, and history in the Blackwater Training Center.

8. Insurgency

This close-quarters combat tactical FPS game has over 40 weapons, 16 maps, 7 multiplayer modes, 5 cooperative game modes, and offline practice mode. In multiplayer mode, you need to eliminate the enemy team before the time limit, and in the cooperative game mode, you need to capture the objective in the area and defend it to win.

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