sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves is an adventure pirate game where you will be a pirate in charge of a ship that sails, loots, and fights other pirates as you explore the vast sea.

You also get the chance to meet Captain Jack Sparrow as you try to become a legendary pirate. You can play solo or with a group of friends in multiplayer mode.

Today we will list out games like Sea of Thieves on the Steam platform.

Games like Sea of Thieves

1. Assasin’s Creed 4 Black Flag

In the year 1715, pirates rule the vast sea of the Caribbean and among them is a young but ruthless pirate by the name of Edward Kenway who fights for glory but at the same time draws near to the ancient war between Assassin and Templars. As you play this character, you will explore 75 unique locations around the Caribbean seas and try to get the title of the most feared pirate in the Caribbean.


You will become one of the most feared pirates in the ATLAS world by plundering other settlements and waging war against enemy pirates through PVP and PVE play. You will customize your ship, assemble the crew, explore the high seas, search for buried treasures, exotic creatures, land of resources, and at the same time shape your identity as the number one pirate in this world.

3. Naval Action

This hardcore pirate action game consists of more than 50 smaller ships and more than 100 big gunships. This game is based solely on PVP battles between players and the best part is there is no hack so no one is stronger than others but your dominance is solely based on your fighting and trading skill or you can relax on a non-fighting peace server.

4. Sid Meier’s Pirates

You can explore the seas, plunder villages, wage war against other enemies, search for treasures, or trade with others to become the most famous pirate in the Caribbean seas. The game was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K on 11th July 2005.

5. Blackwake

Blackwave is a multiplayer naval and pirate FPS game where you can customize your ships and character by levelling up throughout the game. You will be in charge of up to 13 crew members, the ship maintenance, selection of weapons, and fighting other enemies in 3 different modes, TDM, siege, or capture the booty.

6. Risen 2: Dark Waters

An RPG game with a third-person role-playing pirate game that involves you as the saviour of the human race with the help of pirates to eliminate the monstrous creature that has risen from the depth of the seas.

7. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Compete with other players in a multiplayer PVE and PVP mode to become the Crimson King of Antilles. You will have 20 classes of ships, 20 captain skills, 30 ship upgrades, 5 types of ammo, islands, ports, and the ability to customize your character.

8. Windward

This pirate game can be played in solo mode or multiplayer mode with friends where you will explore the seas to find treasures, resources and at the same time, fight and defeat other pirates which are represented by AI. As you sail further, you will get the opportunity to upgrade your ship, complete quests, and help other towns in return for resources.

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