Despite being launched more than 10 years ago, Skyrim is still a game that can blow your mind away if played at any time. The level of attention and detail put into creating something as unique as Skyrim is such fantastic that you will still enjoy it anytime you take the time to play the game.

But, as most people will say, Skyrim is ageing like fine wine. However, in a world where virtual games and metaverse are the picks of the day, you can indeed still find some games that look similar to what Skyrim offers. Even if the graphics are not the same, you can agree that technology has advanced for the past ten years, so the new games will surely get a significant effect and graphical movements. But the creativity behind Skyrim will still stand out.

This article will discuss some fascinating games that create a shape like Skyrim and have the same ideology as Skyrim. However better in graphics, these new ones might look, you cannot take away the fact that Skyrim has an outstanding contribution towards the rise of open-world RPGs Fantasy. However, there are other games nowadays with reams, expensive customized characters, and the work effort to create an immersive world, and we will list some of them in this article.

Games like Skyrim

1. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 needs a better final boss | PCGamesN

Among many other RGP games, the witcher 3, also called the wild hunt, is one exceptional game you should look into. Being in the shoes of monster slayer Geralt, you will be tasked with locating the Ciri, the heir to the Cintra throne. You will need to find her before the wild hunt, and in order to do that, you will be involved in various monster fights, some political unrest and many more. Just like Skyrim, you have the choice to choose how to play the adventure and what areas to explore.

Another exciting thing is that you can be totally engaged with the game’s landscape without even going deep into the adventure itself. If you have ever played Skyrim before, you will understand how familiar that is.

2. Elder Scrolls 4

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® GOTY Deluxe Gamecardsdirect

Also known as the oblivion, known as the predecessor of Skyrim, Edler’s scrolls give you a taste of an adventure in its world, starting out as a prisoner who gets the visit of the emperor. From then, you will be thrown into a great adventure with the task to find Septim’s heir and to put him on the throne. Another exciting task is shutting the oblivion gates to stop all the chaos of creatures entering the land of Tamriel. This game has a great storyline and an endless quest; it is a bit more complex, but at the same time, it has a tremendous amount of location you can explore; you should try it out.

3. Dragon age

Dragon Age 4: Original Version Featured Heists, Branching ...

This is another exciting adventure game that gives you a choice to choose how to approach your adventure. Dragon age is quite a storyline itself; you can expect to fight dragons and save the day in the game. The story narrates the situation of the world of Thedas; the world experienced a significant breach in the sky which leaves a passage to demons, but with you in this world and your accidental power to close rifts, you will help them close this opening. But not before being captured and questioned by the inquisition. If you are the type that enjoys getting married while playing Skyrim and enjoy a lot of romance, then Dragon age inquisition is perfect for you.

4. Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come: Deliverance tips - a guide to surviving ...

We are all familiar with the story of an unassuming hero; it is either a prisoner turned warrior and a slave or a son of a farmer who becomes a hero; there is always a stem to the story. Kingdom come story is another interesting story that this game puts you right into the imagination of the roman empire using the settings of Bohemia in Europe. With the emperor death-bringing war and deceit on land that is once a shining star and a son of a blacksmith that has his town burned down and lost everything, you find yourself in a civil conflict. The storyline looks very similar to Skyrim, with incredible sword fight mechanics that are very much above many other games.

5. Legend of Zelda

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Skyrim is known as enjoyable for its great practical way of allowing people to go about their adventure at their pace. The legend of Zelda, the breath of the wild, is also similar in this regard, using the link shaped package. Waking up from 100 years of sleep into a Hyrule he doesn’t remember or is familiar with, you will then be given a task to help him regain that lost memory and save Hyrule. This task is not easy; you will be faced with many fights that will require different skill sets, with activities requiring a lot of focus. Another similar angle is the cooking pot in this game. If you enjoy cooking up a storm in Skyrim, you will have fun playing this game.

This list of games is fascinating, and its level of attention to detail is mindblowing; for those who have enjoyed Skyrim for so long, there is no doubt that you will have fun playing any of these games, and if you have not played Skyrim before. In addition, you have a chance of enjoying some of the best storylines in any of these listed games.

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