The Elder Scrolls Online

If you are a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online and want to play some games that are similar to it, the list below is for you. So keep on reading to learn more.

Games like The Elder Scrolls Online

Conan Exiles

Compete, survive, and conquer the lands of the exiled. Tools, clothing, crafting weapons, and other useful technology are some of the things that can help you survive. You can also explore the landscape, engage in combat, and build communities.

Guild Wars 2

Destiny’s Edge, the once extinct guild with the purpose to slay the Elder Dragons, has re-emerged in Tyria. You can discover their story while embarking on quests and uncovering secrets. Remember that decisions you make during the game will impact the world, which is the RPG element that is not very common in MMOs. So dive into this massive world as you take control of your own destiny.


TERA takes place in the fantasy world that is created from the bodies of 2 sleeping titans. Their dreams have filled an Exiled Realm with mortals and gods. The war occurred, and your job is to assist mortals in defeating creatures that were created by the TERA gods. You can play in groups with random players or your friends to go on quests as you destroy the creatures.


After a Lord of a city mysteriously vanishes, the people of Neverwinter become overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. Citizens fight each other as corpses return to life, attacking what remains of a crumbling city. It’s your duty to thoroughly investigate a Sect Crown of Neverwinter while uncovering mysteries that threaten a city.


This is a high fantasy MMORPG where the player can engage in PvPvE combat with the character as unique as themselves. There are a few classes you can choose from, which allows you to combine 1 of the 6 initial ones with the specialized class that you will pick from after you have reached an appropriate level.

Old School RuneScape

This is the MMORPG that was initially developed to be like an original RuneScape. But since its release, the Old School RuneScape received a lot of updates, including new content, improvements to an engine, and so much more. In this version, you can utilize two gameplay modes for making your gaming experience more exciting and challenging.

Lord of the Rings Online

What’s especially interesting about this game is that it doesn’t implement a traditional PvP gameplay. Instead, LOTRO has introduced a player vs. a player monster, which adds a special dynamic to the whole world. With various volumes of storylines available, you’ll be busy and entertained for hours while embarking on exciting and at times unexpected journeys.

Final Fantasy XIV

Build the character and choose the discipline to play under, after which you can start the journey through a world of Hydaelyn. With many different quests available, this MMORPG allows you to travel across lands and meet interesting NPCs you will love.

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