The Sims is a game that never goes out of style between generations since it defines a very simple video game genre, with mechanics that become addictive and that are always pleasant for the player.

If you like this type of game genre, but you’re already bored, here are some Games like The Sims 4 that you might like.

Video games allow you to have a life different apart from the real one; to experience situations, and see different worlds. That is the goal of life simulators.

Games like The Sims 4

1. Virtual Families 2

This simulator is similar to the system of The Sims 4. It is available on Steam, for PC users.

In this video game, you will be able to customize your character and start your life. While you fulfil different tasks and basic habits, you can also make improvements to your house.

Events occur in the surroundings that could make you lose your progress. If you don’t want to change a lot about the genre of the game, this can be a similar game, but a little simpler than The Sims 4.

2. House Flipper

One of the main aspects of The Sims is the construction of houses.

Many players play the Sims to design dream homes, once they do, they abandon their Sims and go on to build another one. House Flipper is an ideal game for that type of player.

This game poses challenges to renovate old houses and make them habitable until they become wonderful, renovated homes. Plus, it features breathtaking realism. It is one of the best construction simulators on the market.

3. Spore

This game was created by the same creators of our beloved Sims 4, so you’ll notice certain similarities between them.

The difference is that instead of building your house and forming your life, here the game takes you to a world of aliens.

The great success of this game is that the species you choose will grow and if you manage its progress well, you will be able to reach an interesting position of success on the planet.

4. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that seeks to manage resources, in which you are presented with an interesting pixel-art design that everyone will like.

In the game, the idea is to build a population from its beginnings, so it is your turn to get down to work but with due calm, remember that all that remains is fatigue.

This indie game is available in various presentations, from PC, up to Nintendo Switch and it is highly recommended.

5. Youtubers Life

As the name implies, this is the Sims of YouTubers.

It doesn’t have many of the options Sims brings, but it does offer everything you need to be the next famous YouTuber. The game gives you the possibility to be a musician, gamer, cook, or fashion designer.

You start from the minimum and build your reputation step by step. Starting from planning the day, jumping to fame as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, you have to be alert to relationships with friends, family, partners, and fans. This game will make you feel like a YouTuber, with all that that entails.

6. Planet Zoo

In short, it is the game of the Sims, but with animals. Here you will find many animals!

The premise of the game is that you are in charge of a zoo, with all that that implies. You must take care of the animals, make sure they are healthy, and meet all their needs. In addition, also the handling of the young of the animals.

Of course, that also means that you must design your zoo, creating its parks, establishments, and spaces for people. In short, this game is a good mix of what the entire The Sims saga can offer you. So Be the best owner of the zoo and make it one of the most successful!

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