If you love Warframe and would like to play other similar games, the titles below definitely deserve the spot on your “must play” list.

Games Like Warframe

1. Payday 2

payday 2

Payday 2 focuses on working as the unit and doesn’t fail to deliver its entertainment value through the elements found in an environment. The primal charm of this game lies in teamwork, although players can also work alone. Once you complete heists, more options will become available for you, leading to a greater playing value. You can complete the heists in many different ways, which is a big selling point for this game.

2. Saints Row IV

saints row

Fans of Warframe will surely enjoy Saints Row IV because of its concept of fighting the alien with superpowers all the while controlling a president as a playable character. It does not have the same shooting mechanics the Warframe does, but Saints Row IV will still be able to keep you entertained thanks to its massive environment.

3. Let It Die

let it die

If you are a fan of games that come with plenty of levels as well as a difficult gameplay experience, then this one is for you. This game has role-playing elements that perfectly go with a hardcore action involved. This can give you an immersive game experience and keep you entertained for hours.

4. Warface


Some people may say that Warface and Warframe are not similar at all, but it’s difficult to ignore that both of them were released in the same year with comparable gameplay. Warframe integrates the smart micropayment business model which supplements the loot rewards system, while Warface isn’t subtle about pay-to-win. Nonetheless, a lot of Warframe fans enjoy playing Warface for being an excellent MMOFPS.

5. Titanfall 2


In Titanfall 2, the players are known as “the pilots,” who command “Titans” – mecha-style robots that are capable of total destruction. The blend of player vs player and titan vs titan combat creates an incredible experience. Warframe enthusiasts will certainly enjoy playing Titanfall 2 since both games contain the futuristic setting, with Warframe in outer space and Titanfall 2 on the distant planet.

6. Path Of Exile

path of exile

In this game, you can explore the continent of Wraeclast while embarking on the quest for revenge. Path Of Exile brings the right amount of fresh content that keeps it relevant, yet it does not stray far from a subgenre.

7. Borderlands 3


In many ways, this game is very similar to Warframe. While Warframe comes with more melee weapon variety, in Borderlands 3 players are provided with a more developed loot system that is unique to each player. Every player sees the same loot items. If the item drops, both players will be able to pick up one of those two identical items.

8. Destiny 2


Destiny 2 may not have free-flow motions that Warframe comes with, however, both games involve acrobatics. With the gameplay and loot system that is similar to Warframe, the fans of the game will find playing Destiny 2 entertaining.

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