15 Games like Wordle That Will Drive You Bonkers


Do you like to make words? Wordle is one of the most popular word puzzle games around, but what games like Wordle should you play?

Games like Wordle

1. Quordle

Quordle is wordle but you solve 4 games at once.

2. Octordle

Octordle is like Quordle. But, instead of 4 wordles at the same time, you solve 8.

3. Dordle

Following the theme of the previous two games, Dordle is like Wordle, but you solve 2 at the same time.

4. Sedecordle

If you thought 4 or even 8 wordles were hard, how about solving 16 wordles at once. This one is for the special kind of word puzzle solver.

5. Word Master

Wordle, but you don’t have to wait a day for a new puzzle. Unlimited Wordles!

7. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is like Wordle, but you can choose how many letters to solve.

8. Lewdle

Wordle, but with naughty words. Great for expanding your vocabulary while angry.

9. CrossWordle

Another variant of Wordle, but you need to solve two crossing words.

10. AntiWordle

Just like wordle, but you have to try not to guess the word.

11. Speedle

Speedle is a simple game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The rules are simple: the letter in the centre of the screen is highlighted and the player types the word that he thinks best fits the letter. The words will be displayed for 5 seconds, after which time another word will appear. The player can type any word or series of letters with a maximum length of 15 characters. If you don’t make it to the next round, you lose!

12. Hurdle

Every Hurdle puzzle contains a secret five-letter word you’ll need to solve every day. You have six guesses to try to get it right. The more you play, the more Hurdles you unlock. There are also hints and cheats in case you’re really stumped.

13. Adverswordle

It’s meant to be competitive, challenging, and fun. In this game, you need to use letters to create words that fit into categories. You’re given a set of letters; you have to create a new word using those letters using the restrictions on the different categories you are given.

The words you make will be created against the clock. You’ll earn points for every correct word you make—but if the clock runs out before you’ve made your word, you lose those points.

When someone makes an incorrect word, it doesn’t lose any points for them (they get to keep them), but when the time runs out, their points are gone for that round. After each round, all players’ point totals will be reset to zero and they’ll start over with a new set of letters in a new category.

14. Waffle

We love word games and recently started playing this game called “Waffle Wordle.” It’s a lot like the well-known word game, Wordle, but with a few twists. Waffle Wordle is a lot like waffles in that it’s sweet, fun, and delicious. Unlike waffles, however, we can’t eat them. That would be gross.

15. Absurdle

absurdle wordle

Over time, as people continue to play Absurdle and come up with more words to use in games, the pool of numbers to assign words to becomes increasingly diverse and unique over time. As this happens, it becomes less likely that people will use the same words during each round of play—and thus more difficult for players to win by guessing common words like “the” or “I”.

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